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Aesthetic Empathy are a six-piece metalcore / alternative metal band from Sarajevo, B&H (Europe), formed in 2001 as one of the few new breed of metal bands on the regional metal scene. Our line-up includes two different style vocalists who create a unique atmosphere, making the sound very recognizable.
In March of 2007, we entered the studio to record our debut album 'Definement' and it wasn’t until February 2010 that we were completely satisfied with the outcome.

'It's definement that shall define you. Never the opposite.'

The last tone is played, but the music has just begun. The tunes being our songs, the music... our lives. It has followed us through the years, all the ideas, the emotions, the always present intent to be, first of all, honest to ourselves and to every experience teaching us a most crucial thing... to see beauty in all things and to cherish it with all the love we could muster. Finally, it has caught up with us. It's birthname is 'Definement'. Its parents are called 'Aesthetic Empathy'. So in the end, there won't be any fancy statements except for the music that is embodying everything we have to say in a most natural way : through emotions. We are here. We are defined. As a band. As friends. As human beings.

Aesthetic Empathy, July 2010.

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